External Databases

The Electronic Text Center’s Liberian Letters consists of two collections of letters written by former slaves from Virginia who settled in Liberia: Samson Ceasar’s letters to David S. Haselden and Henry F. Westfall, 1834-1835 and Letters from the former slaves of James Hunter Terrell, 1857-1866.

Liberia★pedia is dedicated to preserving Liberia’s historical legacy and heritage. Featured collections include a glossary of Liberian English, an index of legislative acts, a collection of folk tales, and a detailed database of immigrants, 1820-1904.

The Lincoln Archives Digital Project started in 2002 with a simple idea for a vast undertaking: to digitize all federal records that exist from the administration of Abraham Lincoln.  Over 6,000 documents are currently online and over half a million documents are scanned and in the process of being placed online.

A large collection of material pertaining to Lincoln University, the first degree-granting historically black university. Manuscript material includes a rare set of documents by the Pennsylvania Colonization Society and the Young Men’s Colonization Society of Pennsylvania, covering the years 1830-1913.

Mapping Occupation, by Gregory P. Downs and Scott Nesbit, captures the regions where the United States Army could effectively act as an occupying force in the Reconstruction South. For the first time, it presents the basic nuts-and-bolts facts about the Army’s presence, movements that are central to understanding the occupation of the South. That data in turn reorients our understanding of the Reconstruction that followed Confederate surrender.